About All Star Coffee

Why All Star Coffee?

We believe it is crucial that all children have the opportunity to participate in sports and clubs as it is these activities that help shape the character and values in our kids. Organized sports are where children can learn respect, teamwork, time management, cooperation, communication, and leadership skills. It’s where kids develop self-esteem, grow confidence, and build strong relationships. These activities in youth help develop lifelong healthy habits and social skills. They also teach kids how to win gracefully and how to fail, regroup and try, try again.

These days, enrolling your kids in sports and clubs can be very expensive. Traditional fundraising can be extremely time consuming often peddling junk food and things we don’t really need. That’s why we created All Star Coffee…to provide parents with an easy and effective way to fund their child’s activities by selling a product most of us consume every day.

Our mission is to help a million kids gain easier access to organized sports and educational opportunities by providing families with a fundraising model that is easy, fast and FUN!

It Starts with Great Coffee

When we decided to start a coffee company, we made a commitment to ourselves and our customers that our coffees have to be delicious! We started by establishing great relationships directly with coffee farmers like Mr. Waithaka in Kenya so we can offer the fairest trade possible. It is our ambition to build our entire supply chain with direct trade relationships, like the one we have with Mr. Waithaka, so we can provide our customers with some of the best tasting, ethically sourced, naturally organic coffees from the finest growing regions in the world.

We’re not trying to change people’s palates, just change where they buy their coffee so we can help support local kids with every pound we sell. That’s why we recruited a team of Master Roasters to craft our blends to emulate some of North America’s best-selling coffees so you can select a blend you already enjoy. Unlike grocery store coffee which is often 6 to 9 months old, All Star Coffee is roasted on demand so you can be confident your coffee is always fresh, delivered within days roasting. We want you to be proud that you’re making a world of difference with every cup you savour.

Founder of All Star Coffee

One might say founder Scott Creed discovered his passion for coffee quite organically… he is also the Founder and CEO of Camp Muskoka – an overnight leadership centre and summer camp for kids. In the early years when Scott was the Director of the camp, drinking coffee was essential to keeping up with the energy levels of the kids. Scott’s passion has always been helping others achieve and succeed. As time grew on, he was able to build a team of like-minded, amazing individuals who now run the day-to-day operations of Camp Muskoka.

The goal of Camp Muskoka is to be a hero to parents by helping their kids grow into respectful, kind, contributing adults – providing them with a foundation of values, social skills and confidence.

Camp Muskoka now serves more than 10,000 kids each year. And with a solid team in place Scott turned his sights on to how he can help even more. He believes the more kids that can play sports, the healthier they will be and the better our communities will be. That’s why he created All Star Coffee.