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    • -Pre-Campaign Preparation: 5 Days
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As your team’s FUNdraising Coordinator there are only 3 things you need to do to be successful:

  1. Get your team involved.
  2. Email and post to social media all the materials we send you.
  3. Distribute the coffee orders at the end of your campaign.

In an effort to drive more dollars to the team, the All Star Coffee model relies on bulk shipping to keep the end users costs down and the team’s profits up.
The single biggest expenditure in the All Star Coffee model is shipping (the second biggest cut goes to the team). So to alleviate this real cost, we offer your customers 3 shipping options:

  1. Team Shipping - FREE
    Ships to Team Coordinator at the end of campaign.

    At the end of your FUNdraiser Campaign we will roast all of your coffee orders and ship them to the Team FUNdraiser Coordinator for distribution at an “All Star Coffee Thank You Party” (please see below).

  2. Direct Shipping - USER PAYS

    For those who want it NOW, we will roast Direct Shipping orders on the next business day and ship direct to the customer for an additional fee to cover the shipping cost. A great fit for your supporters who live outside your area.

  3. Bulk Purchase - All Star Coffee PAYS the shipping

    All Bulk Purchases of 3 pounds or more, shipping to the same address, will be roasted on the next business day and shipped direct to the customer. We pay the shipping.

Shipping options 2 and 3 are shipped direct to the customer - nothing for you to do. Shipping Option 1 is shipped to you, the team’s coordinator, at the end of the FUNdraiser campaign. Your job is to distribute the coffee at a location familiar to the team and its supporters such as the rink or sports plex. We’ve outlined the pick-up process below and encourage you to make it FUN! These are your supporters that’s why we call it a “Thank You Party.”

Anyone on your team selling coffee to family and friends who live outside of your area should be encouraged to use options 2 or 3 for shipping. Alternatively, our coffee purchase verification process does allow third parties to pick up coffee orders on their behalf.

The simplest way to distribute your coffee to your customers is to host an “All Star Coffee Thank You Party”. We suggest select a location that is familiar to the team like the Arena, School or Sports Complex.

In the final days of your FUNdraiser Campaign we will contact you to request “where” and “when” you would like to host your “Thank You Party” and we will conveniently notify all of your supporters/customers.

Distribution Agreement

The Team Coordinator agrees to accept the bulk shipment of coffee and further agrees to distribute the coffee in a timely manner to their supporters/customers as per the recommended “All Star Coffee Thank YOU Party”. Each coffee buyer is instructed to present either a paper or digital version of their proof of purchase. We’ll send you everything you need to cross reference your list of buyers to insure accuracy. Simply provide them with the coffee they ordered, be sure to differentiate between ground and whole bean (which is clearly labeled on each bag), and have them initial to verify their pick up.

…And BAM! You’re done!

During your distribution, others from the general public may want to buy coffee from you. For that reason, your TEAM Page is still open and additional orders can be placed online using the direct shipping options unless you decide to initiate another FUNdraiser campaign.

We’re going to make this easy! Just follow our instructions and we’ll lead you to a successful FUNdraising campaign.