Fundraising System

Setting up your FUNdraiser

  1. Sign up as a Fundraising Coordinator
    Go to and at the bottom of the page, sign up as a FUNdraising Coordinator – 30 seconds or less.
  2. Team Sign Up
    Once you sign up as the FUNdraising Coordinator you will receive an email with a link to set up your FUNdraiser Campaign. Please have your team logo handy in jpg or tif format, this step should take 90 seconds or less.
  3. Your On-Line Store is ready
    As soon as your Team Sign Up is complete your on-line store will be ready within 24 hours. We will then provide you with an email so you can invite others to join your FUNdraising Team.
  4. Onboard your FUNdraising Team
    Our goal is to multiply your fundraising results, so invite everyone associated with your Club to join your FUNdraising Team! That way they’ll receive all the marketing materials and support they need to have a successful FUNdraiser.
  5. FUNdraiser Launch

  6. Launch your All Star Coffee FUNdraiser Campaign – 2 weeks
    All Star Coffee FUNdraising Campaigns are 2-weeks so everyone on your FUNdraising Team can hit it hard and fast.
  7. Throughout the Campaign…
    For the 2 week campaign everyone on your FUNdraising Team will get daily emails providing them with customised social media posts, memes, emails and even text messages to help reach your fundraising goals. Your FUNdraising Team will also receive daily sales reports.
  8. Coffee Shipping
    During your FUNdraiser Campaign your online store offers your customers 2 shipping options. One of the options are direct ship to the customer’s home or business. Coffee orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order – so you know your supporters are getting FRESH coffee! The Second shipping option is a “Team Ship” where at the end of the campaign we will ship to the coordinator a bulk shipment of coffee at the end of the campaign for local distribution.
  9. FUNdraiser Wrap Up

  10. Campaign Wrap Up
    Congratulations, you should be proud of the effort put toward reaching your FUNdraising goal! Your FUNdraising Team will receive the total sales and funds raised report, and a THANK YOU from All Star Coffee.
  11. Team Ship – Pick Up Party
    When someone chooses the “Team Ship” option, we will send the FUNdraising Coordinator an email requesting the mailing address that we can ship the coffee at the end of the campaign for local distribution.
  12. After your FUNdraiser

  13. Your Online Store stays OPEN
    All of the supporters who selected the “Team Ship” shipping option will have their coffee bulk shipped to you, on the date you requested and to the address you provided, at the end of the campaign. The supporters will be emailed by the All Star FUNdraising system to inform them of the date, time, and location of the pick up.

No upfront costs, no minimum orders, and no door-to-door required. FUNdraising is easy when you’re selling a product people are already buying ~ 86% of Canadians drink coffee at least once a week. Especially if it’s good ~ All Star Coffee beans are sourced from the finest growing regions in the world and our blends are crafted to emulate Canada’s best-selling brands so you don’t have to compromise taste to support your FUNdraiser.

(Just let me know and I’ll send you some free samples)

Our coffees are always roasted fresh and packaged ground or whole bean in one-pound bags with $7 going to the team for each delicious pound sold.