All Star Fundraising System

Setting up your FUNdraiser

  1. Complete the FUNdraising Coordinator Sign Up form
  2. Complete the Team SIGN UP form and upload your team’s logo, so your team’s online store can be created.
  3. Once your online store is ‘live’, we will provide you with an email so you can invite members to sign up to JOIN the FUNdraising team.
  4. Continue inviting team members to join the fundraising team before your campaign start date so they can receive information, details and instructions on how to fundraise. Additional people can join and help your fundraising efforts after the campaign starts, but we strongly recommend you get everyone to join before your campaign start date.
  5. If you also have children on the team, don’t forget to add them to your Coordinator account! Details are in your emails.
  6. FUNdraiser Launch

  7. The day before the launch of your campaign start date, the All Star FUNdraising system will email your fundraising team to get them excited to promote your FUNdraiser.
  8. Frequently throughout your campaign, each member of your fundraising team will get an email providing coaching and marketing materials to forward to friends and family as well as social media posts to share with all the supporters they know.
  9. The All Star FUNdraising system will provide frequent sales summaries of the campaign so everyone can monitor results and celebrate progress.
  10. The coordinators’s primary role during the FUNdraising campaign is to be a great cheerleader! Encourage your FUNdraising team members to post to social media and email everyone they know.
  11. As soon as your first sale occurs, we will confirm with you, who the funds should be emailed to and set up your coffee Pick-Up Party where your supporters can pick up the products they purchased (if they didn’t choose to ship directly to their address)
  12. FUNdraiser Wrap Up

  13. All of the supporters who selected the “Team Pick Up” shipping option will have their coffee bulk shipped to you, on the date you requested and to the address you provided, at the end of the campaign. The supporters will be emailed by the All Star FUNdraising system to inform them of the date, time, and location of the pick up.
  14. You will be provided in advance with a pick up party summary so you know how many boxes of coffee you can expect, and who they are for.
  15. After your FUNdraiser

  16. Once your FUNdraiser is complete, your online store will still be active to accept direct ship orders. Your team will continue to benefit $7 for every one pound bag of coffee sold. Payments will be sent monthly when your monthly payment exceeds $100 and otherwise will be paid out quarterly. You can start a new FUNdraising Campaign at any time. Simply email with your new campaign start date.

Thank You